Baby Travel Bag and Bed
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This baby travel bag and bed is everything you need to keep baby comfortable and safe during naptime with this infant crib-in-a-bag. The convenient tote comes with everything you need to set baby up for sweet slumber, including an insert pillow and side pillows for increased stability or to keep baby from rolling out of the little crib. The satchel zips open, lying flat to create the crib base, and the sides are padded for additional protection. Available in multiple colors, this portable baby crib is a stylish accessory moms and dads won't mind carrying, and there is enough room inside to store a small folded blanket should baby decide to nap in a cooler spot. The canvas bag is easy to wipe clean, so you can confidently place baby to sleep in public areas or on grass-covered ground. When baby is old enough to sit on his or her own, you can sit baby on the fold-out crib for comfortable play while you are away from home. The portable bed makes a great option to heavier, bulkier pack-and-play options, especially when you are only visiting with friends for a short time or taking a day trip or single overnight trip. Do make sure you lay the portable crib on a safe, flat place away from edges to ensure proper safety. With this fold-out baby bed in tow, you'll be able to get some work done, enjoy coffee with friends, or nap yourself as baby slumbers deeply on a nearby floor or other flat space.


  • Durable canvas construction
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and handle strap for ease of carrying
  • Measures 16.5" high x 12" wide x 6" deep
  • Weighs only 2.5 pounds
  • Padded interior for protection during carry and comfort during use
  • Zipper closure
  • Recommended for babies age 0 to 6 months old


  • Item #: ID001
  • Manufacturer: Unbranded
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ID-001


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