Turquoise Snakeskin Rhinestone Cross Tri-fold Wallet Coin Purse
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This faux leather book opening wallet is loaded with details and features. The fantastic artwork is highlighted with embroidery and rhinestones that provide an eye popping 3-dimensional look. Inside, you’ll find 12 slots for credit cards, a checkbook holder and a zippered coin pocket.  This wonderful wallet features plenty of space and organizational capabilities and, above all, is stylish and durable. Let your accessories express yourself.

  • Trifold wallet
  • Checkbook holder
  • 12 Credit card slots
  • Zippered wallet compartment for coins on back



  • Item #: FW337
  • Manufacturer: Unbranded

Turquoise Snakeskin Rhinestone Cross Trifold Wallet Coin Purse

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