Stylish Bible Covers and Wristlets

Bible covers were originally meant to be used to protect a bible from normal wear and tear.  It also prevented the pages from being ruined by liquid spills. Lately vendors have become very creative and have carved out a unique niche market for themselves. Instead of plain boring covers many stores and seamstresses now offer unique styles with various functions. They can provide bible covers that are made in just about any color. There are also a variety of fabrics that are used. There are even some that are one size fits all so if someone wants to order a cover for a smaller sized bible then the bible would still fit.
The prices range from cheap to very expensive. It is not just women that want these stylish designs for their bibles but also men. Some are designed to look like mini brief cases and are made of leather. They may have buckles, buttons, zippers or pockets. Most online stores that sell bible covers now have various designs available or they offer special customization. Stylish customized designs have been very popular in African-American churches for a while. They have included various African prints and sorority and fraternity shields and emblems.  
Women now have the choice or choosing designs and fabric to match their outfits. Some of the material used is silk, satin, linen, denim, cotton, micro fabric, canvas and leather.  The more expensive ones look like purses or attaché cases.  The designs include quilted, ostrich-skin, snake-skin, alligator and leopard print. 
There is just about every other design imaginable. They can be decorated with monogram letters which can be the church initials or the person's name. 
Bible verses and scripture are also popular designs. The design may be on the entire surface or just be on the front. Compartments are also a nice accessory. Some have only a few pockets while others have slots for note paper, bulletins, Sunday school books and identification or credit cards. It could be used as a purse so that a woman would not have to carry a purse and her bible.  Some also have a special pocket for carrying a cell phone, pens and pencils. So instead of buying just one some people buy several styles and designs to match their outfits.
Another nice addition is matching bookmarks and wristbands.  The wrist band can be worn as if it is a piece of jewelry and it is made of the same design and fabric. Some are made to attach to different bible covers or it can be worn separately. A lot of people also order a matching bookmark or ribbon to add a special touch. Some are already included when you order the item.  It really varies from store to store. Even bookmarks have become a work of art. Vendors also have come up with a design that has a slot to include a picture inside of the bookmark.  A picture of a family member, children or a graduation picture is commonly used in these types of bookmarks.
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