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Many methods of advertising available on the internet today require a sufficient marketing budget to be effective. With the advent of social media and the popularity of sharing sites, blogs, and networking, free marketing is also possible. Both types require an established and interest-catching website.
Although it is an unwise decision to not have a website or other online presence in the business world today, some off-line companies wish to use internet marketing methods to improve their bottom line without going through the expense and effort of website development and maintenance.
What types of online advertising can work for a business with no website or internet presence?

Classified Ads

Companies who do not establish an international web presence may be interested primarily in local customers and clients. Using local advertising online and posting ads in newspapers, newsletters and sites such as Craigslist can be beneficial for your bottom line. It does not matter if the business in question is a shop that sells a particular product or service provider such as a plumber or electrician.
Besides mega sites like Craigslist, many community websites host their own classified sections. A simple search for the name of your town or city and “classified ads” can find you places to post.

Community Forums

The aforementioned local websites, either for a particular city or state, frequently have associated ad sites and forums or message boards where people who live or work in the area can discuss topics of interest.
It is never all right to spam these boards with information about your company. Make sure you understand the rules about marketing on these pages and follow them. Do not only post your ad but also engage the other members in conversation and answer questions to improve community relationships and propel your name and brand into the expert position in your industry.

Social Media and Networking

Creating pages on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is completely free and less time intensive than building a professional website. They also provide opportunities to engage with potential customers and clients and other industry professionals to share your offers, special deals, information about what your company offers and leads.
The vast majority of consumers on the intranet today use one or more social media sites regularly. Getting people to buy your product is often a matter of going where they hang out and attracting them in some way. An informative and attractive social media presence can go far toward building those long-term relationships you want with customers.
Creating success with the brick-and-mortar business is different than it was years ago when all you had to do was hang out and attractive sign and invite people into your shop. The city street where potential customers used to walk is now turned into the information superhighway. If you are not online in some way you’re missing out on the biggest population of consumers around.
While having a professionally designed website is ideal, it is possible to create an online presence, a forum for interaction with potential and existing customers and improve brand recognition without one. An intelligent combination of the right classified ads, social media conversations, and local communities can help your company realize more profit and success.
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