Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Group or Non-Profit

Fundraising is always tough. Good economy or bad there is always competition for donations. It seems everyone is selling something for their group, team, or school, and seeing the same fundraisers over and over is a bore. With some unique fundraising ideas your group will be able to raise money while at the same time offering something new to those that support your cause.

With winter upon us, why not try a Sled-a-Thon?

A sled-a-thon works by having sledders get sponsors that will donate a set amount of money for every time they make it up and down a hill. This works best if you find some older, adult sledders who might not love the trip down the hill and if you find a really big hill in your area that is difficult to climb. Have some winter fun and raise money at the same time.

Create a Photo Contest

Choose any subject or theme and try hosting a photo contest for a prize. You can have a lot of fun with this because you can create categories, age groups, anything you want and you can host the entire contest online. Have an entry fee per photo and have contestants pay through PayPal for their submission. Interesting themes could include family fun, pets, nature or just about anything you can think of.

Etsy Craft Sale

Do you have a lot of crafters in your group? An Etsy craft sale is like a craft fair but with a new twist, everything is promoted online and you do not need a physical space to hold a craft fair. People donate craft items to your online Etsy sale and you sell each item at a reasonable cost. All that you will need to do is set up an Etsy account and take photos of each item. As each item sells, mail it out to the buyer. This is a great way for local crafters to get their name out there because you can promote their business the same time you promote your upcoming craft sale.

Keep a Swear Jar at Work

Now, this unique fundraiser would require some commitment from the adult members of your group. How it works is that each member who works outside of the home puts a swear jar (or a smile jar, a compliment jar, whatever works) on their desk and every time someone swears they have to put a quarter in the jar. In the case of a smile jar or a compliment jar, co-workers put in a quarter if they have happy news or received a compliment. This gets co-workers to participate in fundraising for your cause without having to sell things or ask for large donations up front.
When you try to find unique fundraising opportunities for your group or non-profit, keep in mind the time it takes and look at your group as a whole. Look to your group for ideas because people will often work harder at a fundraiser if they were the ones to come up with it.
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