Upcoming Spring / Summer 2020 Fabric Trends

If you are planning ahead for the coming year and shopping for spring and summer bags, this guide to pattern trends is a must read. The runway patterns for spring and summer 2020 were all about color, with lots of loud fabrics covered in polka dots and rainbows. Flowers are also in for summer and spring 2020. If you want to know more, these are some of the most popular fabric and pattern trends for spring and summer next year. 

Pressed Flowers

Of all of the pattern trends for spring and summer 2020, pressed flowers are the most popular. There is a big focus on delicate flower patterns set on a plain, natural background to give a natural look. Flower prints of all kinds are popular but roses, in particular, are back in. A rose print is a bold, statement making pattern and it has a lot of symbolic importance. The runway shows for spring and summer 2020 were filled with lots of loud, striking fabrics with rose prints on them. 

Embroidered Florals 

Embroidered florals are set to make a big impact in spring and summer next year. To contrast with some of the bold floral rose prints, there are a lot of delicate embroidered flowers set on neutral cream backgrounds to give a more understated look. These intricate fabrics are ideal for spring and summer. 

Polka Dots 

A lot of the fabric pattern trends for spring and summer 2020 are a little heavy, but polka dots are a great fun alternative to some of the more serious pattern trends. They add a light, fun, retro touch to your fabrics, and you have a lot of options where colors are concerned. If you want something more understated, a classic black and white works very well. However, if you want to add some color in the spring and summer, polka dots work equally as well. 

Geometric Patterns 

Geometric fabric patterns are always a popular choice, and they’re going to be big in spring and summer 2020. More specifically, you should be looking for twisted geometric patterns that combine big bold colors with neutral shades as well. There is a big focus on asymmetrical geometric patterns using a lot of bright pastel shades and bringing together lots of different patterns in one fabric. 

Pattern Contrast 

Contrast is an important concept for 2020 spring and summer trends. This may be achieved by contrasting strong colors like black and white, but there are also some great fabrics that are putting clashing patterns together to create a striking effect. Strong lines that highlight the contrast between different colors and patterns are also important. Any patterns and fabrics that make good use of contrast will be very popular in the coming spring and summer. 


If you want a pattern that is eye catching and striking, and really catches the essence of spring and summer, rainbows are ideal. Fabric with a rainbow pattern on it is great for bags, clothes and dresses, especially long flowing summer dresses with a great 70s look. Fabrics with traditional rainbow stripes as well as more complex patterns with rainbow colors are both going to be popular for spring and summer 2020.


Gradients are a great understated way to introduce bold colors to fabrics without making them too overbearing. Lots of soft fabrics with color gradients from cream through to reds, pinks, and oranges are used for dresses and bags alike. Gradients that combine multiple colors are a great alternative to the thick lines on contrasted fabrics. A lot of these color gradient fabrics are also combined with some of the popular print trends like flowers or polka dots. 

Tie Dye

Tie dye patterns are often associated with hippies or festivals, but they’re perfect for the spring and summer. The bright bold colors and the relaxed design has been updated for 2020 to give tie dye a modern spin. Tie dye is being used on jumpsuits, shirts, and dresses. There has also been a lot of great denim tie dye on the catwalk as well. 


If you want some bold patterns with softer edges, fabrics with painterly patterns on them. This is a pattern style that mimics the brushstrokes on paintings to create a powerful, colorful effective. Lots of other popular patterns like floral prints can be created using a painterly style, but it’s also great for abstract patterns on a range of different fabrics. Colored splashes that give a great modern art style will be particularly popular in spring and summer 2020. 

Bohemian Prints 

Bohemian prints are one of those timeless patterns that are always in style, and they’re coming back in a big way for spring and summer 2020. It’s a great pattern because it’s classy but also relaxed at the same time, and it can be used on so many different items. Scarves with bohemian prints on are always popular, but it’s a great pattern for dresses, bags, and skirts as well. 

Tartan And Plaid 

Tartan and plaid are usually considered autumn patterns because they are associated with warm colors and heavy fabrics. However, spring and summer 2020 will see more tartan and plaid patterns in bright and vibrant colors. It’s a good pattern for a light summer suit or even a skirt, and it looks great on bags as well. 

When you are shopping for bags for the coming year and trying to pick out something for the spring and summer, you need to consider all of the latest trends. The patterns listed above are all going to be popular in summer and spring 2020 and they all make great choices for bags and accessories. 


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